Star Refrigeration is Partnering with the Cold Chain Federation for Energy Week, an Exclusive Online Event Taking Place in June 2020

The virtual event has been organised to replace the Cold Chain Energy Summit in Manchester, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Cold Chain Federation, which leads the UK’s temperature controlled logistics industry, is now holding an online event in conjunction with Energy Summit partner Star Refrigeration. Cold Chain Energy Week takes place from Tuesday 16 June to Thursday 18 June 2020, with a series of one hour webinars over three days, each starting at 10am.

The event will feature presentations by experts from across the cold chain industry, with opportunities for registered delegates to interact and ask questions. Webinars will focus on UK energy policy, climate change and innovations in renewable energy.

Day one of Energy Week features an introduction from Cold Chain Federation Chief Executive, Shane Brennan and Star Refrigeration Sales and Marketing Director, Rob Lamb, exploring the UK energy landscape. The current Climate Change Agreement and what it means for cold store businesses will also be discussed.

The theme for day two of the event is renewable energy in the cold chain, with expert insights and a review of the latest innovations. Star Refrigeration’s Director of Renewable Energy, Dave Pearson, will demonstrate how cold stores can create an income stream by harnessing the waste heat generated from refrigeration plants.

Day three will see John Clark, Director of Star Data Analytics, sharing how cold chain businesses can manage energy efficiency and drive improvements. The session will close with the launch of new energy efficiency policy guidance from the Cold Chain Federation.

The third and final day of Energy Week will also feature a look ahead to the re-scheduled Cold Chain Energy Summit. There will be a preview of the live event now taking place at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, on Wednesday 18 November 2020.

For more information and to register for webinars during Cold Chain Energy Week, please visit:

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