The Cold Chain Federation is committed to supporting its members to reduce their energy usage to help lower operating costs, meet Government targets for energy efficiency and support the U.K’s drive towards a net zero future.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN COLD STORES: A PRACTICAL GUIDE is our definitive guide to operators of temperature-controlled facilities. Detailing everything from how to create an energy strategy, the specific operational changes and investments which can be made to reduce energy use, as well as how to bring about cultural change in your business to support the energy agenda and an assessment of available options for renewable energy, the guide is your one stop shop for reducing your energy bills.



To aid the value you get from ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN COLD STORES, we have worked with our partners at SafetyCulture to design an iAuditor familiarisation checklist of the key recommendations in the guide. Completion of the checklist will provide a bespoke energy efficiency action plan for your business.

For more information and to access iAuditor and the Energy Efficiency Guide template, please visit our dedicated page.

Climate Change Agreement

The Federation runs the industry’s Climate Change Agreement, which saves subscribers over £10m per year.

Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) were set up by the UK Government to incentivise and encourage a greater uptake of energy efficiency measures amongst companies in energy intensive industries. The CCA scheme allows businesses who reduce their energy usage (and hence CO2 emissions) to make significant savings on their energy bills. The Cold Chain Federation is the exclusive administrator of the Climate Change Agreement for businesses that operate cold stores.

CCAs are voluntary, but they offer significant financial benefits to businesses that meet the energy saving targets. The current CCA scheme runs until 2025 and is open to new entrants.

Benefits of joining the Cold Chain Federation CCA

  • Significant discount on the Climate Change Levy (CCL), a significant contributor to a cold store’s energy bill of up to 90% for electricity and 65% for gas, coal and LPG
  • Cost savings through energy reduction
  • Corporate responsibility benefits
  • Cold Chain Federation members get 50% off CCA administration fees, so if you are not already a member now is a great time to become one!


Through our events we provide opportunities for members to learn about products, systems and innovations that can make a genuine difference.

Check our EVENTS PAGE for a full listing of upcoming events


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