Standing together makes our industry stronger in our engagement with regulators than standing alone, providing a sense of identity, pride and community for business owners, leaders and professionals across our industry.

Read about the work we have been doing for our members in 2020.

Joining the Cold Chain Federation gives you access to:

  • A network of support, advice and best practice sharing for professionals at various career stages
  • Information, advice and support that make it easier to do business and especially to stay compliant with the law.
  • Direct and indirect commercial opportunities that can contribute to business success.

Storage & Distribution Membership

This is open to any businesses that operate frozen and chilled storage facilities of any size and operators of refrigerated transport fleets of any size. Fees are based on the capacity of your cold store or the number of refrigerated vehicles you run.

Associate Membership

This is open to businesses that have mutual commercial or policy interests with full members. Fees are based on company size.

To find out more call 0118 988 4468 or email

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