STILL UK Unveils New Footprint Plans

Cold Chain Federation member STILL Materials Handling are delighted to announce the optimisation, investment and complete alignment of our hybrid sales network consisting of Direct Sales, Exclusive Distributors and Regional Partners. For the past several months we have been carving out this new footprint to ensure we:

  • Continue to place the CUSTOMER at the centre of everything we do
  • Improve COLLABORATION and CLARITY within our sales network
  • Expand our COVERAGE in the UK
  • GROW our business through an adjusted and optimised ‘footprint’
  • Have a STRONGER INFRASTRUCTURE with regional, national and international presence.

By creating a stronger national UK network we will undoubtedly improve the responsiveness to our UK customers.

So how will it work?

The network will now consist of Exclusive Distributors (ED’s) who will have exclusivity for New Truck Sales (NTS) and defined Service in certain areas.

Today, we offer our Used trucks and STR services to the entire UK market and that will continue.

Of course there are existing customer relationships, contracts and frame agreements which we are dealing with directly and will continue to do so. Even with this transition, please rest assured that we will continue to provide the highest levels of service to our valuable customers and partners.

For our other dealer colleagues, we are realigning our existing relationships under the term ‘Regional Partners’ who will continue to be linked closely with our territory sales and/or an ED.

Here you will find a list of our new ‘Exclusive Distributors’ including a map of their locations, these include a new member to the Cold Chain Federation LogisLift Warehouse Systems Ltd.

With further investment into our team and indeed our direct strategy now in Scotland, STILL UK’s growth potential for 2021 and beyond is something which we are very proud and excited about.

2021 will be of course be a transition phase for us, it will take time to align our processes and practices but together we will make it happen.

We are proud to be doing things differently, focusing on our strengths to improve our sales and service market coverage and ultimately creating new and valuable opportunities for our business.


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