Energy Efficiency: The start to reaching Net Zero

There is currently a lot of jargon surrounding ‘Net Zero’

When we apply the Net Zero strategy to farming, we start by calculating  your  current position and then use a range of planning tools and advice to ensure ongoing reductions.

·  Net Zero is achieved when we remove as much greenhouse gas as we produce.

·  Carbon Reporting measures the greenhouse gasses produced through our activities and processes, typically reported as Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

·  Audits assess onsite energy use and costs to identify energy saving opportunities. If implemented, the energy saving opportunities reduce energy, carbon and costs.

Cold Chain Federation member NFU Energy can help you with this

One of our experienced Engineers will conduct an onsite energy audit. The audit enables us to identify energy saving opportunities and gives you a baseline of your energy use. You then get a detailed written report, with recommended actions for improvement – including estimated cost and payback.

We have in depth knowledge of all the schemes and accreditations and have a permitting department to make applications, ensuring compliance on your behalf.

Demystifying the energy schemes

We are up-to-date with what schemes are available or on the horizon and can advise you what would best suit your farm. Certain farms and energy systems require permits to be compliant with the requirements of the schemes.

NFU Energy can help you complete a bespoke calculation to give you more detail and accuracy, resulting in better recommendations and comparisons to make steps towards Net Zero. For details go to or call one of our experts on 024 7669 6512.

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