Webfleet Tachograph Manager gains DVSA approval as part of earned recognition scheme

Webfleet Tachograph Manager – the all-in-one solution for downloading, analysing and archiving tachograph data – has achieved approved IT supplier status from the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) as part of its earned recognition scheme.

DVSA earned recognition is a voluntary scheme for vehicle operators that proves they meet driver and vehicle standards.

The endorsement for Tachograph Manager’s driver hours KPI reporting, an integral element of Cold Chain Federation member Webfleet, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions’ trusted fleet management platform, underlines its robust safety and compliance capabilities.

Beverley Wise, Webfleet Regional Director for Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, said: “As an integral part of Webfleet, our solution simplifies compliance management, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best while ensuring road safety and regulatory adherence.

“We are thrilled with this accreditation from DVSA, which is a testament to the solution’s design and functionality, tailored to meet the stringent demands of modern fleet management.

“It not only recognises the reliability and efficiency of Webfleet Tachograph Manager but also solidifies our commitment to enhancing road safety and compliance.”

Fleet businesses that participate in the earned recognition scheme can leverage Tachograph Manager to easily share driver hours KPI reports with the DVSA.

This transparency significantly reduces the likelihood of these fleets being stopped for inspections, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Webfleet Tachograph Manager is fully compatible with the latest Smart Tachograph Version Two (SMT2), aligning with the requirement that all newly registered commercial vehicles used exclusively in the UK, as of February 21, must be equipped with this technology. This ensures the utmost accuracy and ease in managing tachograph data.

As an officially approved IT supplier, Webfleet’s recognition by the DVSA reaffirms the solution’s alignment with the agency’s objective to improve road safety and compliance.

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