Virto Group, Spain: more storage capacity, efficiency and performance while maintaining flexibility and availability

Virto Group, a market leader and benchmark in deep-frozen vegetables for retail, foodservice, and industry, has entrusted Cold Chain Federation member Swisslog with the automation of its new Funes warehouse (Navarra).

Virto’s solution includes 31 AisleCarriers (shuttles), each with a RowCarrier on board, for a total of ten floors, as well as a special level for the preparation of urgent orders via PowerStore technology.

These shuttles travel through the warehouse’s various levels and aisles.

In total there are 14 elevators; nine are located at the front and rear of the chamber, two inverted monorail loops for entering and exiting the system, a dispatch lung for 204 pallets, and conveyors that connect the system’s various functional areas: inputs, outputs, production, and so on.

The goal is to more efficiently manage a flow of 350 pallets per hour (175 input and 175 output) and to store approximately 56,000 European-type pallets (or 48,000 industrial-type pallets). As a result, the company will be able to stock between 50 and 70 million kilos of deep-frozen product to meet market demand.

Benefits of PowerStore for Virto Group:

  • A highly flexible warehouse operation
  • Increased storage capacity 
  • Improved internal processes
  • Capability to meet increased demand
  • Can be used at temperatures of -27 degrees Celsius.

Download the case study HERE.

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