Solar partnership set to cut energy costs and carbon for Denby Pottery

A new Solar PV solution is set to help Denby Pottery reduce CO2 emissions and will save the business millions in energy costs in the years ahead.

Designed by Ylem Energy Ltd and installed in partnership with the renowned Derbyshire pottery company, the onsite generation solution will reduce Denby Pottery’s CO2 emissions by 475 tonnes pa.

Fully funded through Ylem Energy’s Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA), the new Solar PV solution guarantees savings on Denby Pottery’s electricity bills and forms a key element of the company’s net zero and sustainability strategy.

Ian Gadsby, Ylem Energy managing director, said: “Businesses everywhere are feeling the pain of power price rises. Some will have seen their electricity bills triple in recent months and the continuing price increases are unlikely to stop anytime soon.

“Denby Pottery are now working with Ylem Energy to secure a significantly lower price for the renewable energy which this solar solution will generate for years to come. It’s very satisfying to play a key role in helping a business like Denby Pottery cut costs by generating its own power rather than relying solely on the National Grid, so that it can continue to offer its fantastic products at competitive prices.”

The 2MW bespoke Solar PV solution which will be monitored by Ylem Energy’s Operation and Maintenance team, has been designed to match Denby Pottery’s load requirements for electricity, using a ground mounted array of Longi Solar 455w Modules, situated on land surrounding the site.

Dean Barlow, Denby Pottery, operations director, said: “Founded more than two centuries ago, Denby Pottery has a rich heritage and has become a household name synonymous with beautiful, versatile, and durable ceramics and homewares. We are proud that Denby products are still made in Derbyshire in the heart of England, offering a more sustainable choice for UK consumers.

“Sustainability is integral to Denby’s strategy for growth and the business was the first UK tableware manufacturer to be able to claim zero process waste to landfill which helps to save 600 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. Partnering with Ylem Energy to implement a Solar PV solution will enable further significant carbon reductions to be made and reduce the business’ reliance on sourcing power from the National Grid, delivering stable pricing and significant cost reductions.

“From the outset, the Ylem Energy team worked in partnership with our business to understand the site’s data and power requirements, enabling them to design a Solar PV solution that will maximise savings and help to deliver our sustainability agenda.

“Ylem Energy’s clear focus on delivering future proofed, sustainable energy solutions means there is a natural synergy between the two businesses. It has been a pleasure to work with the professional team which has handled the process efficiently, dealing with everything from design to ecological survey requirements, planning applications and installation.”

The new solar system, which will generate more than 2 million kWh pa, will be connected to the local Electricity Grid Network, and managed by Ylem Energy. Including 4,554 Longi Solar 455w Modules matched to a Solis Inverter solution, the array totals 9,900 m2. It is expected to offset 26% of the Denby Pottery site’s total electrical consumption.

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