Sadel Group Announces £55m Regeneration Plan for the McCain Brownfield Site in Easton, Lincolnshire

Easton Properties Limited, part of the wider Sadel Group, has submitted exciting plans for the regeneration of part of the brownfield site off Burton Lane in South Kesteven. The plans outline Sadel Group’s intention to bring food production back to the area with a modern food production facility and supporting facilities to enable both food waste reduction and the production of renewable energy.

The food production areas of the site have been mostly dormant since May 2020, when McCains closed one of their production facilities on the site, which led to the loss of approximately 230 jobs. The site has a long history of food processing and food storage, and Easton Properties aim to return the site to its former glory, supporting the local economy and Lincolnshire’s wider food sector.

The site is identified as a ‘Protected Employment Site’ and is the fourth largest protected employment site in the district. Sadel Group’s recent regeneration activity on the site has seen the development of a cutting-edge new temperature-controlled warehouse to replace one that burned down in 2012. In addition, there has been significant investment into redevelopment and modernisation of the existing facilities to ensure they can continue to operate into the future. These cold stores are a significant employer in the district, and currently the temperature-controlled stores employ around 150 people. This employment figure will increase following completion of the new temperature-controlled store in Q3 2024.

Sadel Group’s concept of combining and co-locating food production and temperature-controlled storage on site is fundamental in improving the efficiency of local and national food supply chains. By only moving goods across the site for further processing, packing or storage, rather than across the country, food miles are significantly reduced which not only reduces carbon emissions but through better control over food temperature environments, leads to less food waste. This also takes vehicles off the road and reduces congestion.

Whilst the co-location of these facilities helps reduce food waste, most food waste comes from the household and retail/leisure stages of the food supply chain. Therefore, the plans also include an Anaerobic Digestor which will be capable of taking in food waste and generating biogas for renewable energy production. The provision of this facility will also diversify the job opportunities on the site to include high-tech renewable energy engineering positions.

Overall, it is estimated that the jobs created by the scheme will replace the 230 positions lost with the closure of the former McCains facility and provide a greater range of skills-based opportunities, maximising the employment opportunities on this designated employment site.

Sadel Group hopes that the new proposals build on recent activities to regenerate the employment zone for South Kesteven, ensure these jobs are secured for decades to come and that the facility itself will contribute to the wider food security of Lincolnshire’s agricultural and food sector.

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