Operator quietly cuts fridge emissions and fuel costs with Ecogen CostSaver

A logistics operator is reducing emissions and fuel consumption from its fridge units thanks to a unique bolt-on hybrid system.

Ferytrans is a dedicated provider of temperature-controlled transport and owner of BigFoot Logistics. Based in Southampton, the two companies operate 40 modern Scania tractor units and 65 high-specification dual temperature trailers. They work for major retailers and brands including Amazon, Tesco, Lidl and Pork Farms.

Owners Robert and Feri Lazar tasked their fridge unit service provider AMW Transport Refrigeration to find a way to reduce emissions from chillers as part of a wider drive to cut carbon.

AMW recommended the Ecogen CostSaver hybrid drive unit, which powers any diesel trailer refrigeration unit while substantially reducing C02 emissions fuel consumption.

Manufacturer & Cold Chain Federation member Hultsteins says the Ecogen CostSaver will reduce CO2 by around 75 to 90% depending on operation – whilst eliminating harmful diesel emissions such as DPM by 98% and NOx by 400%.

Most trailer fridges pump out these diesel emissions at high levels because they do not have any filtration or particulate capture, meaning, say Hultsteins, they operate equivalent to the old Euro2 emissions standard.

Feri Lazar said: “Cutting emissions was our primary concern but the return on investment is also very attractive. Our calculations show that we would recoup the costs within 18 months, so it is really a win-win for us. In addition. the new fridges are much quieter so it helps minimise noise around deliveries, particularly in residential areas. I actually live near a Lidl and can really tell the difference. We have fitted two units already to existing Scania tractors, one for BigFoot Logistics and one for Ferytrans – with a number more to be fitted in April to a batch of Scania CNG tractor units . 

Ecogen CostSaver is a bolt-on device which couples to the tractor power take-off (PTO) and generates electricity to run the trailer refrigeration unit during transit. It can be retrofitted to any tractor unit with a PTO, including brands such as Scania, Volvo and Renault Trucks.

According to Hultsteins, even the most efficient diesel-powered refrigeration unit uses between 1.7 and  2.8  litres an hour, whereas older multi-temperature trailer fridges can burn up to 4.5 litres per hour.

The CostSaver is designed to last 10 to 12 years and can be moved from one truck to the next when the vehicle is renewed.

Feri goes on to say “We own our trailers, but we hire our tractors to ensure that we always have the most modern and efficient fleet,” added Feri. “The oldest tractor in our fleet is only two-and-a-half years old and will be replaced with 73 plates very shortly.

“The beauty of the Ecogen CostSaver system for us is that it is very easy to transfer it from one tractor to the next, so it continues to reduce emissions for us as we continue to rejuvenate our fleet.”

Ferytrans has purchased the systems outright, but Hultsteins UK also offers them on an operating lease for as little as £10 a day. To find out more about Ecogen CostSaver, visit https://www.hultsteins.co.uk/

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