Magnavale Warrington Cold Store Expansion Enters Final Stage of Completion

Cold Chain Federation member Magnavale are now concluding the construction of a major expansion to their Warrington facility. With only internal fit-out remaining, the expansion will add an additional 8000 pallet spaces to the Warrington facility, and Magnavale’s already large network, providing additional capacity and allowing them to accommodate the huge and ever-growing demand they have seen for their services.

Not only is this expansion increasing capacity, but it is also renewing much of the equipment within the existing facility, making it more environmentally friendly, and moving the needle towards the UK’s target of becoming Net Zero by 2030.

The equipment that will be replaced will include the current compressors and condensers, which will result in a significant reduction energy use and therefore carbon emissions over the upcoming years.

Their existing compressors are fixed speed, where the output is controlled by an internal slide valve, and the position of the value dictates the cooling output. As the motor has a fixed energy output, the most efficient output is where the slide is at 100%. Typically, the current compressor operations see output at 50-70%, resulting in inefficient heat energy transfer.

The renewal project will introduce 5 new compressors with variable speed motors controlling the slide valves, therefore as the load requirement increases and decreases, it will be effectively controlled by the speed of the motor.

In addition, the evaporative condensers reject the heat that the cooling process has removed from the cold store chamber. By installing the latest inverter motor technology, the discharge pressure will operate at a lower range which leads to a more balanced flow of refrigerant through the multiple condensers, which has a significant impact on the energy usage.

Carbon emissions are calculated to be reduced by 4,496 tonnes of CO2 over the verified life of the equipment, as calculated by the IETF benefit calculator.

This calculation is based on using the emission factor (TCO2e/MWh) over the MWh saved over the life of the project of 25 years, commencing in 2022.

As well as energy savings and carbon emission reductions, the expansion also means Magnavale will be employing more local residents to join their team, in order to support their continuing growth. Over 155 roles will need to be filled during the various site-specific tasks at the different stages of the construction, with 5 full time roles becoming available after completion.

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