Magnavale Expands Contract Packaging Capabilities at Easton Facility

Cold storage provider and Cold Chain Federation member Magnavale, has announced the expansion of its contract packing, labelling and date-coding lines at its Easton facility, allowing for a significant boost in capacity. Capable of adapting between ambient, chilled, and frozen applications, these new highly automated lines allow Magnavale Easton to significantly increase packing, labelling and date-coding output, as well as flexibly adjust to periods of peak demand.

Featuring both date code printers and sleeving equipment, these expanded packaging capabilities provide Magnavale’s partners with both storage continuity and packing versatility to thrive amid shifting consumer appetites and changes in market demand, particularly during seasonal peaks.

Amanda Cogan, Chief Operating Officer, comments “These high-volume packaging lines mean that we can support our clients amid increasing demand without putting strain on our other cold chain operations. Our packing lines at Magnavale Easton are some of the most efficient in the UK, with both manual and automated capabilities that can handle a range of ambient, chilled, and frozen products.”

Since taking over the operation of the cold storage facility in 2022, Magnavale has invested in the South Grantham-based facility, not only significantly increasing the capacity but also enhancing the services offered to encompass an essential service to the food manufacturing sector, including blast freezing. Aiming to cut cost, risk, and complexity from its partners’ supply chains, Magnavale sees itself as a key business within the sector paving the way towards sustainable cold chain solutions.

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