Magnavale Easton development, set to support food security in Lincolnshire, approaches finish line

Cold Chain Federation member Magnavale is pleased to announce that its highly anticipated Easton-based temperature-controlled storage facility is approaching the finish line and is set to open in Q3 2024. This advanced development represents a significant step forward in supporting food production and strengthening food security in the Lincolnshire region.

In recent weeks, the facility, based just South of Grantham, Lincolnshire, has witnessed remarkable progress, with the installation of crucial components such as refrigeration pipework, cladding, roofing, and the refrigeration plant. These milestones bring the facility closer to becoming a cutting-edge solution for sustainable and efficient cold storage.

Amanda Cogan, Magnavale’s Chief Operating Officer, commented:

“We recognise the critical role that our automated temperature-controlled facility will play in supporting food production in Lincolnshire, minimising food waste and ensuring product safety. Easton has been designed with the cold chain in mind. With the integration of cold chain solutions, such as contract packing, the facility will allow partners to cut out unnecessary steps in their cold chain, reducing transport costs and reducing carbon emissions.”

The Easton development underscores Magnavale’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Powered by renewable energy sources, the facility aims to reduce its carbon footprint while incorporating advanced automation technologies to minimise unnecessary transportation and associated costs.

Working with some of the best equipment suppliers in the industry, the facility has been designed to prevent disruptions during peak operational periods like the Christmas season, with multiple pallet ingress and egress points to avoid bottlenecks as well as built-in redundancy planning with no single point of failure.

Moreover, product safety is a paramount concern at Magnavale Easton. With planned systems such as oxygen reduction in place, the risk of fires is almost eliminated, ensuring that stored products remain protected from fire and the water damage associated with traditional sprinkler systems. This innovative approach to safety further solidifies Magnavale’s commitment to preserving the integrity of its partners’ stock.

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