Joanne Moore to head up The P&M Group’s new sustainability mission

The P & M Group Limited, which includes Gloucester composite panel experts & Cold Chain Federation member ISD Solutions, has appointed Joanne Moore in a new position of Group Sustainability Manager.

The appointment comes as the group launches Project Acorn, to further improve its sustainability performance throughout its operations and supply chain.

Following an holistic review by sustainability consultancy Wylde Connections, based in Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, The P & M Group will look to implement the recommendations across the next decade, starting immediately.

Specific measures include: greenhouse gas emissions benchmarking and reduction plan; full supply chain audit and best practice review to bring in line with sustainability policy; a roll out of social value activities to encourage the next generation of the construction industry; and a measurable waste reduction programme including a drive for the re-use of materials.

These will take place throughout the group, which alongside ISD Solutions contains PLG Insulations, doors and metal fabricator QuayTherm Manufacturing, a division in Australia and Midlands-based installations specialists Tysoe Holdings. Together the companies employ more than 190 staff, with a combined turnover of around £59m.

Ms Moore, who has almost completed the transition from her current role as Firewall Estimating Manager at ISD Solutions, will work closely with group chairman Andy Moon to implement the measures, including working groups across the business to ensure collaboration at all levels.

“I’m so proud to be working for a company who really cares about doing the right thing. It’s a win for all involved, as a great opportunity for me, the company, our colleagues, our suppliers, the communities we work in, and the planet.” she said.

“Clients are increasingly demanding subcontractors who fulfil certain environmental, social and governance criteria. So while this is the right thing to do, it makes business sense as well.

“We’ve worked closely with Wylde Connections to really examine every aspect of our business – not only how we operate our offices and manufacturing facilities, but also how we run our projects and engage with our suppliers and local communities.

“Not all the changes we implement will happen overnight, of course. Some will take time to achieve. But we already have a number of quick wins which we can start to roll out across the business, including communicating with staff to ensure they are doing all they can to minimise our carbon footprint. I’m honoured to be leading this effort and looking forward to overseeing how we develop over the coming months and years.”

Denise Taylor, managing director of Wylde Connections, said that sustainability is a subject that businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

“We believe that businesses can make a real difference when it comes to being better for the planet,” she said. “We are engaging with businesses for several reasons – because they are under pressure from supply chains and contractors, they’re losing opportunities by not being compliant, they want to improve their reputation, or they simply want to do the right thing.

“The P & M Group chose to talk to us for all the right reasons, based on ethics and a concern for the global environment while simultaneously recognising the business benefits of sustainability.

“It’s great to see. The construction industry is a major emitter of greenhouse gases, responsible for significant energy use and a large amount of waste. Any measures to address are welcome.

“Of course a sustainability drive also coincides nicely with company activities, which are all about efficiency and the avoidance of energy loss. So ISD Solutions and the other companies in the group will soon be making an even more significant impact on the future of the planet.”

Andy Moon, Chairman of The P & M Group, said: “As a relatively small player in an industry of giants, we recognise the limited impact that our actions will have, but also how we must all play our part. We firmly believe in the saying “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”, hence the name of our programme.

“In recent years we have developed a burgeoning reputation for pioneering standards among our community of construction subcontractors. Our standards and quality, alongside our project planning resources place us in the top echelon in the construction industry.

“Project Acorn will be yet another instance of us leading the way, demonstrating to and hopefully inspiring other small companies that we can all make a difference.”

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