CCF calls for greater focus after Reshuffle

Following the reshuffle, we are calling on the Government to offer a clear path of support for our industry, you can read our top priorities as we work with the new teams across Whitehall.


  • An immediate priority is CCA renewal which we fear could be delayed further as it may require signing off by the new Minister.
  • Continue with reform of energy markets to be compatible with a decarbonised economy and not learn from the lessons of the recent energy crisis as well as develop a strategy for overcoming grid capacity restrictions at logistics sites, and to start delivering support for connection costs to accelerate grid connections for renewable projects.
  • Confirm legality of net zero strategy to provide confidence to businesses that the Government is serious about achieving a net zero economy by 2050.
  • Harness cross-departmental collaboration which has often been missing, particularly for transport refrigeration which sits across Defra, Dft, and the new department.

“It’s easy to be cynical when there is a restructure of Government Departments. It is the policy and the delivery that matters more than the name plates on Whitehall buildings, but it can have a positive impact and we welcome the changes made today.
The creation of a Department for Energy Security and Net Zero is a positive step forward. The recent energy crisis must be seen as a foreshadow of the challenges ahead. As we transition to a zero-carbon grid, there will be more issues with energy security, and they must be proactively planned for. Investment is vital from both the government but also the private sector. Important policies like the climate change agreement energy efficiency incentive scheme, that the CCF delivers for UK cold chain is an important part of that strategy. There is major opportunity to unlock investment but only if business has confidence in the government’s long-term strategy and having a dedicated cabinet minister at the top table will help with that.
We also welcome the merger of the business department with international trade. The success of businesses across our economy relies on a successful international trade policy, not just the free trade deals we strike but the way we manage the day-to-day challenges of doing business and competing across borders. We will work with the new Business and Trade Secretary to ensure that UK cold chain is a gateway to trade opportunities for businesses in the UK and across the world.”

Shane Brennan, Cheif Executive Cold Chain Federation.

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