5 Minutes with Cold Chain Federation Member RGVA Vehicle Graphics

RGVA Vehicle Graphics joined the Federation in November 2021, and have supported us at last year’s Cold Chain Live! Conference and have attended a number of our Golf Days.

We thought its time to have a 5 minute chat with them and their Business Development Manager.

QWho is the main person for members to contact?

Craig Bradley, is the Business Development Manager for RGVA Vehicle Graphics, one of the UK’s leading vehicle branding companies.

Q. What do they do and contact details?

Craig is responsible for generating new business with transport operators from within the cold chain sector. Craig has worked at RGVA Vehicle Graphics for 2 years and has helped our cold chain customers maximise their corporate identity and brand awareness through RGVA’s wide range of vehicle branding services, such as design and concept creation, non-PVC graphics, vehicle wrapping and nationwide installation.

Craig can be contacted by phone 07907 574 709 or by email craig@rgva.co.uk

Q. Why is it important to be a part of the Cold Chain Federation?

Reducing our environmental footprint has been a key driver for RGVA and with Net Zero being at the heart of the cold chain federation, being apart of the federation allows us to assist members in achieving their sustainability targets by utilising PVC free and recyclable materials. Whilst at the same time promoting members brand identity and products using their fleet of trucks and trailers as mobile advertising boards.

Q. What are RGVA’s aspirations for the industry?

As the strive to achieve Net Zero intensifies, every member of the federation has a significant part to play in helping each other reduce emissions and becoming more efficient. Using material with a lower environmental impact will certainly assist the route to Net Zero. But our aim is to develop vehicle graphics which help clean the atmosphere of harmful greenhouse gases, whilst at the same time promoting members brands. Since 2001, RGVA has always been a brand that has been built on quality, our customers know this and therefore hold us to a very high standard. We love this because it keeps us at the top of our game and constantly improving. It also keeps us pushing ourselves and our suppliers for further innovation in our industry, there are exciting times ahead in vehicle branding and RGVA will be leading from the front.

To find out more about RGVA and their vehicle graphics go to their website HERE.

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