5 Minutes with Cold Chain Federation Member Clarus WMS

Clarus WMS proudly became a part of the federation earlier this year. Clarus WMS is a leading provider of warehouse management systems for businesses. It caters to businesses of all sizes and industries with warehouse operations.

Q: Who is the main person that our members could contact for information?

Glen Wilkinson, Head of Sales at Clarus WMS

Q: What do they do & contact details?

Allow us to introduce Glen, our dedicated Head of Sales at Clarus WMS. With a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, Glen is perfectly positioned to assist Cold Chain businesses in enhancing their warehouse operations, reducing costs, and discovering new revenue streams.

At the heart of our offering is Clarus WMS, a cloud-based warehouse management software designed to supercharge efficiency through automation. Our robust and customizable workflows seamlessly manage every step of your warehouse processes, from the moment goods arrive to their speedy dispatch. But that’s just the beginning!

Clarus WMS doesn’t stop at temperature-controlled zones; it’s your go-to solution for handling perishables, serialisation, hazardous chemicals, and bonded goods, making even the trickiest tasks a breeze.

Ready to connect with Glen? You can reach out to him directly at 07725577787 or send him an email. We’re here to revolutionise your warehouse management and elevate your business to new heights!

Q: Why is it important to be part of the Cold Chain Federation?

Our affiliation with the Cold Chain Federation marks a significant milestone in our journey. It enables us to connect with industry peers, gain valuable insights into sector challenges, and continuously adapt our product to address emerging issues.

Becoming a member was a natural decision, driven by the perfect synergy between our product capabilities and the temperature-controlled industry’s needs. With extensive expertise in the food sector, our system flawlessly manages ambient, chilled, and frozen environments. Our date management tools cover everything from use by and sell by dates to best before, stock rotation, and replenishment. Plus, our comprehensive audit trail makes us well-prepared to support clients with BRCGS and Freeport requirements.

If this sounds like the missing piece of your puzzle, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us! We’re here to elevate your warehouse management game.

Q: What are their aspirations for the industry?

At Clarus WMS, we’re on a mission to revolutionise the industry. With a wealth of experience and cutting-edge solutions, we’re dedicated to making our mark in the temperature-controlled sector. Our top priority is to offer practical, efficient warehouse management solutions that seamlessly align with the real-life problems and aspirations that businesses in the Cold Chain have…

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