Sainsbury’s Introduces First Electric Refrigerated Trailers to Fleet

Cold Chain Federation member Sainsbury’s has introduced five Carrier Transicold (another Cold Chain Federation member) Vector all-electric refrigerated trailers to its fleet, “offering a more sustainable solution for the transport of groceries”.

Sainsbury’s says that the introduction of the electric refrigerated trailers is proof of its commitment to become net zero in its own operations – a decade ahead of the UK government’s own target. Over the next 20 years Sainsbury’s will spend a £1bn to eliminate carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.

Patrick Dunne, director of property, procurement and cost transformation at Sainsbury’s said: “Following a successful trial earlier this year, we are pleased to introduce this pioneering technology as part of our delivery fleet. As we look to the future we will continue to invest in testing and trialling to make our fleet more efficient and greener, creating energy at the same time.”

“We will continue to introduce fully electric refrigerated trailers to the delivery fleet over the next 20 years based on Sainsbury’s and Argos’s energy infrastructure, helping us to plan for a better future.”


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