Praise for Staff who are Keeping Narrow Aisle Open for Business

John Maguire, managing director of Tipton-based Narrow Aisle Ltd – Cold Chain Federation member & manufacturer of the Flexi range of articulated forklift truck-based materials handling solutions , has praised the dedication and commitment of the company’s employees who have continued working throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “Manufacturing is a critical part of the economy and while there is no restriction on manufacturing it would be quite understandable if staff were anxious about continuing to work. But our team has ignored any such fears they may have had and our factory has worked at full capacity throughout the lockdown period. During this time, we have fulfilled a number of important orders – including to a major supplier of healthcare PPE products to the NHS, and many food and grocery retail customers.”

John Maguire added: “Based on the essential nature of our company’s position in the supply chain and the fact that Flexi trucks are used by many companies that play a vital role in sustaining essential medical, food and beverage logistics, it is important that we keep going during the pandemic and meet our obligations to fulfil orders and provide rental equipment and deliver service engineering to our customers.

“Narrow Aisle provides a fleet of 350 rental Flexi units to customers across the logistics, retail and food sectors. All the customers have a need for ongoing service engineering, maintenance and testing of their Flexi which our mobile engineering staff have continued to provide across the UK.

“We have, of course, ensured that our employees take extreme care to obey all the strict safe working practises and advice issued by the government.”

Narrow Aisle has taken steps to make being at work as safe as possible. For example, hand sanitisers and protection have been provided and the company’s offices and factory have been reconfigured to ensure administrative and production staff remain at a safe two metres apart.

The Flexi truck’s iconic articulated design allows the trucks to operate efficiently and safely within the narrowest racking aisles allowing more of a warehouse or distribution center’s space to be used for valuable storage locations.  Last year Narrow Aisle Ltd celebrated the production of the 10,000th Flexi warehouse truck. 

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