NEW! Near-Miss Book: Recording and Reporting Near Misses at Work

Understanding near misses can help you reduce the risk of accidents. By fully understanding near misses, in addition to accidents, you can build a more informed picture of the health and safety culture and potential risks in your workplace to include in a Risk Management Programme.

This newly published record book will allow you to see if there are any patterns or trends in when or how things go wrong. A pattern of near misses provides an early warning that something needs attention. This book will encourage your workforce to help you gather data.

The HSE Near-Miss Book £8
46 perforated form pages preceded with guidance on how to use the book effectively.

The Near Miss Book could be used as an accompaniment to The Accident Book which is an essential document for employers and employees, who are required by law to record and report details of specified work-related injuries and incidents. Used together, these publications can help you to gather intelligent data which is an essential part of Risk Management and Control.

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