In light of current circumstances: TIMOCOM Expands Access to Europe’s Leading Freight and Warehousing Exchange

IT company does their part to maintain delivery chains / Customers can organise logistics from their home office starting immediately

  • IP restrictions have been lifted until further notice 
  • Over 5,000 licences have already made the switch
  • The goal is to avoid delivery bottlenecks by providing access to up to 750,000 freight and vehicle space offers from all over Europe daily

The host of Europe’s leading freight exchange, the IT company & Cold Chain Federation member TIMOCOM, is expanding access options for their logistics system in light of the current crisis. “We want to do our part and help ensure that there are no shortages and that delivery chains continue to function as normal, even given the current exceptional circumstances,” says TIMOCOM Managing Partner Tim Thiermann.

As a result, customers can immediately switch their IP-bound licence to one independent of location, and, after verification, carry out their transport and logistics business from their home office. In addition, TIMOCOM is opening their network of more than 43,000 companies to all those who do not currently have access to a resilient network of transport and logistics partners, so that they can continue to supply their customers with sorely needed goods.

Maintaining the delivery chain, quickly and without bureaucracy

“Here, too, we plan to help quickly and without any bureaucracy,” Thiermann emphasises. Anyone who registers as a new customer can use the TIMOCOM system for the entirety of the next quarter, without fees or contractual obligations. Particularly in the event of short-term delivery bottlenecks or disruptions, or a need for storage space, companies can find replacements in the existing customer network.

Up to 750,000 freight and vehicle space offers from across Europe are entered into and processed via the TIMOCOM system on a daily basis. In addition, over 7,000 logistics and storage spaces are available on the warehousing exchange. “As an IT service provider for the logistics industry, we have been part of the action for more than 20 years. Thus, we understand the challenges our customers are currently facing,” says Thiermann. “In the current situation, we need uncomplicated and immediate solutions that can help to ensure that the logistics supply chain remains intact.”

He noted that the current demand for logistics services is extremely high all across Europe. At the same time, many companies are having to switch to working remotely. Thiermann: “We knew right away: we want to help, quickly and more importantly, efficiently.” More than 5,000 users from all across Europe have already taken advantage of the option, switching to working remotely. Due to the current high demand, TIMOCOM is currently making this service more readily available. 

Options for finding a quick solution regardless of location when it comes to moving freight or storing goods are available using existing logistics industry means, processes and systems. TIMOCOM wants to provide support during this challenging time. Tim Thiermann continues: “We can get through this if we work together. I am certain that by combining our forces and available resources, we can master any challenge we might face.”

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