Hultsteins Appoint Transcool for Sustainable Refrigeration Support in Scotland

Swedish/UK transport refrigeration manufacturer & Cold Chain Federation member Hultsteins are pleased to announce a new service and support partnership with Glasgow-based refrigeration service providers Transcool Scotland Ltd.

Long-established transport refrigeration and air conditioning experts, Transcool will install, maintain and service Hultsteins’ hydraulic fridge systems and on-board electric generators throughout Scotland and the border regions of England.

“We are delighted to be working with Hultsteins,” says Transcool Managing Director, Robert Murray. “Hultsteins’ ‘diesel-free’ systems are widely used, since the 1960s, and popular in many northern European countries and we are pleased to see they are now arriving on our shores!”

Hultsteins offer two sustainable refrigeration products aimed at enabling operators to save both carbon and fuel by providing an alternative to traditional, diesel-powered transport refrigeration units (TRUs):

Ecofridge hydraulic and electric single and multi temp units for rigid truck applications and Ecogen hydraulic systems which, powered by the tractor’s PTO, drive any conventional fridge system and cut out the requirement for the diesel engine while on the road.

Ecogen generates the 400-volt power needed to run a TRU and is a bolt-on, bolt-off solution with a life expectancy of over 10 years. It comes in two models – the Ecogen Lowline is sited between the axles on rigid-bodied trucks and two-axle tractors, while the Ecogen Slimline fits behind the cab and is ideal for gas-powered and 6×2 tractors where chassis space is at more of a premium.

Graham Usher, Hultsteins’ Managing Director for the UK and Ireland, comments: “The appointment of Transcool is a further decisive step towards establishing a solid aftermarket structure for Hultsteins’ customers throughout the UK and Ireland. I am pleased to say that the Transcool team will shortly be installing 3 Ecogen systems for a well-known Scottish operator and we look forward to reporting on their progress soon.”

From their 5,000 sq. ft. fully equipped workshops in Glasgow, Transcool provides a round-the-clock service for the whole of Scotland, including the highlands and Islands, with additional support coming from their service centre in Aberdeen. Transcool field service vans are stocked with a wide range of fast moving fridge parts and the operation is geared to supply a full time break-down and repair service for all types of transport refrigeration systems.

“There’s real potential here for operators to see a big improvement in their carbon footprint, compared to a traditional diesel fridge,” adds Robert Murray, “and as the date draws closer for the Government to withdraw the rebate on red diesel, the introduction of these sustainable systems to operators in Scotland is certainly well timed.”

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