5 Minutes with Cold Chain Federation Member Goldfreeze Ltd

Goldfreeze Ltd joined the Cold Chain Federation in July this year after meeting us at our rebrand launch in June 2019.

QWho is the main person for members to contact?

A. Tarek Hayat, MBA

Q. What do they do and contact details?

A. Tarek is Managing Director of Goldfreeze Ltd, Unit 23 Sleaford Business Park, East Road Sleaford Lincs NG34 7EQ. Phone: +44(0)845 643 4753 or Email: tarek@goldfreeze.co.uk

QWhy is it important to be a part of the Cold Chain Federation?

A. There are several important reasons:

Goldfreeze are the UK’s fastest growing Coldstore and Freezerwear PPE specialists (and probably the one you haven’t heard of before).

Our main aim is to let all members know we are here and to give the industry a genuine choice in their specialist coldstore PPE supply partner. We hope to support members to drive down operating costs through competition while maintaining quality and safety.

Our PPE is Category 2 specialist hazard. It is as operationally business critical as the choice of refrigeration or bay doors and impacts on colleague productivity and ultimately wellbeing. We are industry led in our product design and would like to be at the forefront of any changes affecting the industry .

We have a number of members as major customers so membership of the federation for us is essential for knowledge sharing and industry engagement.

Finally and simply – we really like being members.

QWhat are Goldfreeze’s aspirations for the industry?

A. We have a number of innovative solutions in the works at the moment for 2020 that we are hopeful will add operational value and support employee retention next year as labour markets tighten – a major concern for industry colleagues.

In the future we believe that there will be further amalgamation and consolidation within the cold chain sector with members competing at global level. We are able to adapt our offering regionally to meet demand and have experience globally. We would like to stay close to what we see as exciting development opportunities in the industry.

Goldfreeze Ltd can be found here.

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