Young company KATMA CleanControl attracts a lot of attention with its market entry

Market entry
Cold Chain Federation member KATMA CleanControl´s robot for the interior cleaning of (refrigerated) trailers will be launched on 10 July 2024. The development period was primarily characterized by customer proximity, as the aim was to ensure the long-term functionality of the machine in the rough and tumble of a logistics company. Process reliability is the be-all and end-all – during the day, at night, in summer and in winter. Not only is the machine ready for the market, but also the service and chemical logistics as well as the specially developed booking and payment application. During the development period, eleven team members optimized the automated interior cleaning of (refrigerated) trailers to market maturity. The smooth integration of KATMA CleanControl into the daily routine of every logistics company is now possible. The founding brothers Patrick and Felix Kathöfer say: “We are very proud of our young, dynamic team.”. Industry-specific networks and our home region of East Westphalia-Lippe in Germany enabled us to make contact with customers early on. Now we can present our visions and promises at close quarters and always create a WOW effect. “The machine has been tested under extreme conditions and can therefore ensure reliable cleanliness, especially in the slaughter, food and pharmaceutical industries. We have implemented several cleaning programmes that are adapted to different requirements,” say the founding brothers proudly.

Who is KATMA CleanControl and what does KATMA CleanControl do?
KATMA CleanControl sets a new safe standard for interior cleaning of (refrigerated) trailers. The robot cleans and disinfects lorry holds fully automated around the clock (24/7), inexpensively (from €26), quickly (from 3 minutes) and always with a cleaning certificate. The certificate is assigned to the number plate and automatically entered into the TMS or ERP system via an interface. This enables seamless logging. We save up to 75% water, up to 90% chemicals and up to 60% energy compared to manual washing and guarantee clean and safe transport. Pay-Per-Wash means: No initial costs! Instead of selling the machine, you are only charged for the washings carried out each month. Whether at your own depot or next door at the public car wash: KATMA CleanControl is affordable and plannable. Washes can also be sold to third parties. This makes washing your own vehicles even cheaper. All you need is electricity, water and a sealed surface – that’s it. Even the installation area only requires a few square metres. Our full service means that we permanently monitor the machine using remote control and are on site within a very short time if servicing is required. Logistics never sleeps – and neither do we. No personnel are required.
Our story
After observing the inefficient manual cleaning of lorry trailers in Rietberg, Germany, Felix and Patrick Kathöfer developed an automated solution based on their knowledge of the industry. The need for standardised, certified cleaning and the current waste of resources confirmed their hypothesis. In 2019, they started developing a prototype in a converted chicken coop. In 2021, they hired their first employees and finally founded KATMA as a limited company in 2022. Since then, KATMA CleanControl has been working on a cleanliness revolution in logistics with its fully automated cleaning machine and has received important patents and funding. Recognised with awards and strengthened by partnerships, KATMA has also employed its first apprentice since 2023.

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