World Refrigeration Day 2024

World Refrigeration Day 2024, which takes place on 26 June,is focusing on the theme of “Temperature Matters”.

This year’s campaign will spotlight the broader contributions of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry. While the importance of maintaining cold temperatures for critical food and medicine supply chains remains undeniable, the campaign will also highlight the industry’s role in effective and sustainable heating, as well as creating healthier, comfortable environments with cleaner air supplies.

World Refrigeration Day celebrates the people and technologies responsible for creating and maintaining the world we live in, a world dependent upon temperature-controlled environments. The event is supported globally by industry, professional groups, scientific and engineering associations, as well as by governments and individuals.

This year’s campaign will explore the broad and vital impacts of the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump industry, extending beyond efficient cooling and heating to encompass crucial aspects of indoor environmental quality.

The chosen theme highlights the sector’s extensive technical expertise in providing both cooled and heated environments and raises awareness of the importance of temperature control in a variety of applications and situations that affect our daily lives.

The ‘Temperature Matters’ theme coincides with the 200th anniversary of the birth of Lord Kelvin, a pioneering figure in thermodynamics. Kelvin’s work in defining the absolute temperature scale has profound implications for modern thermal energy management, influencing both cooling and heating technologies.

The campaign will also promote career opportunities in the refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump, and IEQ (HVACR) sector, encouraging schools and colleges to explore the diverse and impactful roles within the industry.

Gill said: “The importance of temperature connects us all, no matter where we live. Temperature control is essential for more than just our comfort and health in homes and workplaces. It’s crucial for preserving food and medicines, and it plays a vital role in many industrial processes at both high and extremely low temperatures. Temperature can mean the difference between life and death;  temperature matters – absolutely.”

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