Warehouse & Logistics News Annual

Published January 2021

Shane Brennan, Chief Executive of Cold Chain Federation

For the UK cold chain, 2020 has of course been dominated by the Covid crisis. We have been proud to play our part in our industry’s fantastic work to navigate these months, with timely updates and advice and by representing our members’ concerns and solutions to Government.

Simultaneously cold chain businesses have been preparing for the Brexit transition period to end and we have worked tirelessly for our members on this issue too. With logistics industry colleagues, our work with Government resulted in revision of how new rigorous border checks will be introduced, to an extended timeframe and staged introduction (for EU to UK imports).

In 2021 cold chain businesses will need to be ready both for new paperwork at storage facilities and for new vehicle management systems through ports. I fear Government is behind in the development and testing of new infrastructure and processes, so I advise businesses to expect teething troubles and disruption.

The Federation has also made important progress this year on the crucial energy challenge. We administer the highly successful cold storage Climate Change Agreement (CCA), which sees signatories save more than £10m of Climate Change Levy each year. Due to end in 2023, we made a strong case to Government for the scheme’s continuation and it has been extended until 2025.

Our new comprehensive guide Energy Efficiency in the Cold Chain, covers both ‘quick wins’ and longer term, high impact opportunities. It is designed to help cold storage businesses save costs and improve their environmental credentials, and to help signatories to the CCA to meet their targets.

Our industry’s relationship with the environment needs a bigger picture, longer-term approach alongside the CCA which is why we launched a new programme to support our industry towards net zero. We marked the start of this programme in October 2020 with Cold Chain Live! Towards a Net Zero Cold Chain, four weeks of new publications, leader interviews and virtual workshops. Even at this difficult time, the response has been terrific.

On top of all this, in 2020 the Federation’s work reached new heights with the first guide of its kind about keeping people safe in a cold store, and in flying the flag for our industry with new reports analysing the UK cold chain and showing why it matters for the economy, for the environment and for people. We all expect 2021 to bring new challenges and new opportunities, the Federation will work constantly for our members and our industry.

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