FSDF enters new era as it relaunches as the Cold Chain Federation

The launch of the Cold Chain Federation signals the start of a new era for the Food Storage and Distribution Federation.

The name change, unveiled today, was approved by members at its general meeting in May 2019. It marks the beginning of the fourth phase for an organisation that was first formed in 1911 and has evolved as the industry it represents has adapted to changing economic and societal needs.

The Federation has just over 230 businesses in membership. Federation members manage more than 400 facilities, together representing in excess of 25 million cubic metres of frozen and chilled storage. Members also operate more than 30,000 temperature-controlled vehicles.

Cold Chain Federation Chief Executive, Shane Brennan said:

 “We are delighted to unveil our new identity, which is at the heart of our new strategy to modernise and expand our organisation. Our mission is be a strong voice for the cold chain; to provide a unique forum and network for cold chain professionals and to provide bespoke support and advice for businesses on regulatory and industry issues unique to the cold chain.

“There are many issues for us to take on, but it is environmental challenges will be our core focus. The cold chain is a vital first line defence against the causes and the effects of climate change. We will educate those outside our industry about the cold chain’s importance and its value. Where necessary we will resist well intentioned, but poorly informed and counterproductive, changes to regulations or taxation that would harm our industry.  

“But most of all we will be a positive and constructive voice. We will bring people together to talk about how we can make the changes necessary to bear down, further and faster, on the climate impact of the cold chain. We will aim to lead the world in delivering resilient, reliable and profitable cold chain solutions to the industries and the people we serve.”

The Cold Chain Federation launch took place at the TCS&D exhibition at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. For more updates on launch activities, reporting on the launch and details follow @coldchainfed on Twitter and Linked In or visit coldchainfederation.org.uk



  1. The Cold Chain Federation is the new company identity of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation. The organisation became FSDF in 2008, prior to this it was called the Cold Storage and Distribution Federation. It became CSDF in 1953. When it was founded in 1911, it was called the National Cold Storage Federation.
  • Federation membership size estimates for facilities and storage capacity are based on data submitted to the federation. number of vehicles is based on external sources and sampling.  A fulllist of Federation members can be viewed at coldchainfederation.org.uk/about
  • The TCS&D Exhibition (Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution) is the premier exhibition and networking event for the industry. It takes place over tow days 25th and 26th June, for more details visit www.tcs&dshow.com

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