UK Ukraine Trade Hub Launched by Oakland International

Known for creating innovative business solutions, total supply chain solutions provider & Cold Chain Federation member Oakland International has launched the UK Ukraine Trade Hub based at their Redditch HQ.

The concept driving Oakland’s UK Ukraine Trade Hub is to assist Ukrainian manufacturers reach the UK market and expand sales. Initially twenty-seven products have been sourced via six different suppliers with foodstuffs including Beehive’s natural honey, Chumak’s sunflower oil, Bob Snail’s natural fruit snacks, granola and breakfast cereals from Dobrodiya through to instant soups from Streetsoup and tomato sauces from Runa. In time, and as the Hub grows, Oakland’s UK Ukraine Trade Hub is set to handle an expanded and more diverse product range from multiple suppliers with Oakland International playing a pivotal logistics role encompassing delivery, storage, and distribution.

UK Ukraine Trade Hub Director Taras Krykun said: “This initiative has the power to generate employment and contribute to Ukraine’s GDP. Furthermore, this will introduce some of the best Ukrainian products to British consumers and bring a part of home closer to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who since the war have sought refuge in the UK.

“The UK Ukraine Trade Hub marks a milestone in the British retail landscape as it represents the first introduction of Ukrainian merchandise into the high street, and not just niche stores catering for Eastern European customers, familiarising British consumers with the best Ukrainian products available.”

In an additional gesture of support 50% of all profits within the UK Ukraine Trade Hub will be paid directly back to Kyiv based charity Super Humans for as long as the war continues.

Oakland International is a leading D2C/B2C/B2B specialist in contract packing, storage, picking, food distribution and brand development support covering ambient, chilled, and frozen food, and services retail, convenience, discount, wholesale and food service markets in the UK and Ireland. They are also BRCGS AA accredited and have taken the first step to becoming B Corp certified and are working towards becoming the first business within their sector to achieve net-zero.

Backed by the Ukraine Embassy and viewed as a win-win by all parties concerned, it positively impacts Ukraine manufacturing as well as their economy and provides access to cost-effective, top-tier products in the UK.

Added Taras: “The first shipment arrived just ahead of Ukrainian Independence Day on the 24th August, and such a splendid gift for the 200,000 Ukrainians currently residing in the UK.

“Tuffins Supermarket & Garden Centre was the first UK retailer to showcase UK Ukraine Trade Hub products and we are now in negotiations with several prominent UK retailers to establish Ukrainian food product shelves within their stores.”

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