Toyota aim to raise awareness of logistics at this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games

Being Official Partner for material handling equipment at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, Cold Chain Federation member Toyota Material Handling Europe launches a new communication campaign that aims to raise public awareness of the role played by the logistics industry.

Under the tagline #WeDeliverForYou, the campaign focuses on the vast role logistics plays in supplying daily needs to over 750 million people across the continent – from food, clothing, and medicines through to the supply of raw materials for factories and, in today’s world, in responding to the ever-growing e-commerce enterprise.

One of the campaign messages is ‘every click makes something move’ – illustrating how advanced digital systems result in items being almost instantly selected for despatch as soon as consumers complete an on-line order.

The campaign also draws parallels between the preparation of Olympic athletes to ready themselves for sports events with the need for logistics operators to be prepared for and responsive to consumer demands – shown in a powerful film clip.

“There are over 5 million people working in the logistics industry across Europe – whether they are in warehouses, driving lorries, delivering parcels or running sophisticated IT systems – and we want to put a spotlight on the vital role that they play in society,” explains Mark Peters, Marketing Director at Toyota Material Handling Europe, “and we realised that we have a great opportunity to do this as a result of our involvement at Paris 2024.”

“Another dimension of the role played by the logistics industry is the pioneering work done in the area of sustainability,” continues Peters. “We are already seeing moves towards electric delivery vehicles on our roads, but behind the scenes we have been working with electric vehicles in enclosed environments like warehouses for decades. We are also already working with hydrogen solutions, and we see many customers generating their own renewable energy on-site. We are also extensively working with automation to improve efficiency, accuracy and safety, and to reduce damages. All of this means our industry is making a substantial contribution towards future technology development.”

Additionally to the We Deliver For You campaign is a concept film recently released by Toyota Material Handling Europe called ‘A.I.TeamDelivery’, which imagines a new approach for home deliveries where different items from different suppliers are automatically consolidated into a single delivery to households by autonomous vehicles, reducing road traffic and emissions.

Details of the We Deliver For You campaign can be found under ‘Paris 2024’ at


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