Ryan Jayberg been awarded Refcom Elite- Best Practice in Refrigeration Management

It’s a proud day for all at Cold Chain Federation member Ryan Jayberg to announce we have been awarded Refcom Elite- Best Practice in Refrigeration Management.

As a Refcom Elite Supplier it demonstrates that as a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler, you have signed up to and been assessed against a voluntary code of conduct designed to level the playing field on the supply chain and better enforce the F-Gas Regulations.

Thousands of tonnes of COequivalent in refrigerant gas is lost to atmosphere every year because of sales to end users who then carry out a DIY installation themselves. This leads to inevitable breakdowns and loss of charge to which our members are regularly called out to put right.

Elite Suppliers can ensure that only bona-fide contractors install pre-charged equipment, thus saving thousands of tonnes in emissions per annum.

Only 4% of Refcom Membership have been awarded Elite status.

Well done everyone at Ryan Jayberg.

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