Oakland International Saddles Up With Cycle2Work Scheme

With sustainability top of their agenda total supply chain solutions provider & Cold Chain Federation member Oakland International is delighted with employee uptake of its latest employee ‘Cycle2Work’ scheme.

With a history of introducing new welfare and green initiatives into its business, systems and processes, replacing energy intensive processes with renewable alternatives and increasing its use of clean, green eco-friendly options, Oakland’s Cycle2Work scheme is sustainable and directly helps employees save money as once they have their bike, they save on their weekly spend on travel via buses, taxis and car fuel.

Offering a range of financial and health benefits, the scheme is open to all Oakland employees. Statistics indicate that most journeys undertaken in England are relatively short with 25% of trips under 1 mile, and 71% under 5 miles. Cycle to work schemes were introduced in 1999 by the Government as a way of encouraging more commuters to ditch the car in favour of cycling to work.

Oakland International Sustainability Manager Vera Bruntink said: “Oakland’s Cycle2Work scheme offers team members the opportunity to buy a bicycle and spread the cost through monthly salary deductions over the course of a year, making it convenient and less of a burden than one large expense, and as deductions are made before tax savings on the bike’s cost can be anywhere between 30-40%.”

Added Vera: “We have had team members spending up to £75 per week on taxis just to get to and from work, when you compare that to £100 per month for just twelve-months to pay for the Cycle2Work scheme, they are making significant financial savings.

“In addition, there are many personal health benefits associated with cycling including helping with weight loss, building muscle and strengthening the immune system, as well as helping people to live longer. According to a Dutch study every minute you spend on a bike increases your life expectancy by one minute, so it makes sense to get on a bike!”

Besides the financial and health benefits to be had, cycling delivers significant environmental benefits compared to driving, with zero emissions and less energy and resources used in its manufacture.

A double Queen’s Award for Enterprise recipient for International Trade and Sustainable Development, Oakland International has taken the first step in B Corp certification and is working to become the first business within their sector to achieve net-zero.

Said Vera: “Team members were able to purchase electric bikes as well as normal bikes, which lower the barrier to cycling significantly, particularly to those who live in hilly areas.

“The scheme will be open again in the spring, and periodically after that, so that more people will have the chance to purchase a bike to travel to work.”

Oakland International operates 24-hours/7 days a week and is a retail, food service and direct to consumer specialist in contract packing, storage, picking, food distribution and a brand development support provider for ambient, chilled, and frozen food to the retail, convenience, discount, wholesale and food service markets in the UK and Ireland.


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