Nichirei Logistics Group to announce entity merger to solidify its leadership in food logistics

Nichirei Logistics Group are pleased to announce the merger between Eurofrigo B.V, Thermotraffic Holland B.V. (both based in the Netherlands), Kevin Hancock Ltd. and Norish Ltd. (both based in the United Kingdom) that will see the creation of a new end-to-end logistics service provider for the food industry in Europe.

The merger, effective as of 1st January 2024, brings together the strengths and resources of the several companies. Where Cold Chain Federation member Thermotraffic is a leader in seaport logistics and customs services, Eurofrigo and Norish are renowned for their cold storage activities and Kevin Hancock is the specialist for value added services for the food industry. All companies belong to the European arm of Japan based Nichirei Corporation’s Logistics Division and will now continue as one under the brand name Thermotraffic.

By joining forces, we aim to foster a dynamic synergy that will enable us to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. All organisations share a strong commitment to excellence, customer centricity, and a passion for innovation. The merger will allow us to leverage our combined expertise and experience to deliver more value to our clients.

“We are excited about this merger as it represents a significant step forward in our collective mission to provide innovative logistics solutions to our clients in the food industry. The combined talents and expertise of all organisations being part of this merger will create a powerhouse that is well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities of the future,” said Rob Haesakkers Managing Director of Thermotraffic, and we see this merger as a strategic move that will enhance our ability to deliver value to our customers and stakeholders”.

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