BACKup your Knowledge!

Cold Chain Federation member Backhouse Jones understand the demands of running a business and the difficulty in allocating sufficient time for training. But can you afford to be without it and why take the risk?

BACKing your Business’ is a bespoke half day training course delivered by Backhouse Jones which focuses on refreshing your knowledge on the procedural aspects of disciplining employees and handling grievances and appeals.  During the course they will also be looking at managing absenteeism and sickness.  Finally the ramifications of poor employee management on your Operator’s Licence.

With the requirement for ‘continual professional development’ of Transport Managers referred to in the Guidance issued by the Senior Traffic Commissioner and now an area considered by the DVSA when assessing operator’s compliance, it is clear that all Transport Managers must take steps to ensure they keep up to speed with the ever- evolving requirements placed upon them.

Get BACKup to Speed is a refresher course to aid continual professional development for Transport Managers through, amongst other things, an examination of the role of the Transport Operator and the Transport Manager and the need to have “effective and continuous” management of your Operator’s Licences.

For all these courses contact Backhouse Jones HERE or call 01254 828300

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