5 Minutes With Cold Chain Federation Member Efaflex

Cold Chain Federation member Efaflex has been with us since 2013 and we thought it was time to catch up with them.

  • Who is the main person for members to contact?
  • Darren Turrell
  • Why is it important to be a part of the Cold Chain Federation?
  • It is important for EFAFLEX to be a part of the Cold Chain Federation for several reasons. We have been designing high-speed doors for nearly half a century and are global leaders in our field. But staying ahead of our peers is paramount to the future success of our business.
  • We are constantly innovating, choosing new engineering techniques and adding value to our products. We rely on feedback gained at networking events and exhibitions from within the federation, that enables us to continually enhance our products. By using these comments constructively, along with feedback from users, we can ‘design in’ exactly what the industry needs not just for the immediate, but for the longer term too.
  • High-speed doors are not a ‘one size fits all.’ Not only do we listen, but by being a member of the federation, we are able to promote awareness, share best practice and educate the industry. Doors can help improve user safety, reduce energy costs or drive efficiencies within logistics, distribution and supply chain areas if chosen and used correctly.
  • The cold, chill, frozen industry remains a key growth sector for EFAFLEX, and so it’s vital for us to network with other industry organisations so that we can share views, discuss future trends and ultimately design the best possible solutions that match the changing needs of the market.
  • Most of our products have been designed with a particular solution in mind. We have over 95 models in the range and have engineered high-speed doors that are ideal for cold, chill AND frozen applications. Being a part of the federation enables us to help spread awareness and educate the industry.
  • What are their aspirations for the industry?
  • In this ‘throw away’ society, a trend that seems to be accelerating, our aspirations for the industry are simple; that consumers consider their purchase with care. Price of course is a factor, but we advocate that decision makers look, not just at the immediate, but the longer term too. Factor in the whole life cost of buying your high-speed door, the purchase price, ongoing service, and keep an eye on your energy bills. Consider the speed at which the door operates and therefore its energy saving capabilities. Look at its insulation values and get advice from the experts.
  • We all need to play our part in protecting the environment. EFAFLEX take our responsibility seriously and are on hand to offer advice and support to any organisation wishing to do similar.

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