New range of Aerated films: Airwrap

Cold Chain Federation member Eastpac Group are delighted to announce the launch of a new product range: Airwrap!

Airwrap films are a New range of aerated stretch films, for both hand and machine applications. Ideally suited for wrapping palletised products that need a consistent

airflow, for breathing, cooling, and anti-condensation, such as Fresh Produce, Fruit and Veg, Flowers, Timber, Glassware, and so on. Airwrap products are available in different thicknesses for optimal strength and stretch performance, as well as two different size apertures for airflow regulation and effective product containment.

These films are able to reduce plastic consumption by more than 55% over standard ‘solid’ films. Using new features, airwrap is able to do away with reinforcement bands through the film, which eliminates machine clogging and jamming, without affecting it’s linear strength performance.

Fully recyclable aerated film; send your enquiries today to for a free, no-obligation quote!

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