New CCF Member Provides Exclusive Access to Technology that Saves Millions on Energy Costs

The Cold Chain Federation is delighted to welcome a brand-new member to its community, Open Energy Market.

Importantly for other members of the CCF, Open Energy Market is offering exclusive and free access to its newly launched tool that is helping food suppliers and producers around the UK to save millions of pounds on energy costs while also reducing emissions.

True is an online tool that has been developed to provide businesses with clear visibility of their energy consumption and emissions across multiple sites and locations, enabling significant reductions in costs and consumption.

An existing member of the CCF, Oakland International, has already made an annual saving of £4.4 million since working with the True team and its technology.

Dean Atwell, CEO of Oakland, said:

“True enables businesses to assess the impact of investments in renewable energy and understand how they deliver against Net Zero goals, all while energy costs are brought down and emissions are lowered. I think this is a game changer for companies who genuinely want to develop a road map to Net Zero and save money.” 

Oakland International is an integrated supply chain specialist that operates across the UK and Ireland. The organisation prioritises sustainability across its operations and has been recognised as a leader within the supply chain space.  Providing goods for Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Dunnes, Sainsburys, Boots and a range of other UK retailers.

Phil Pluck, CEO of the Cold Chain Federation, said: (Example quote)

“We’re delighted to welcome Open Energy Market to the Cold Chain Federation and to be able to share access to their new technology with the rest of our community. Our aim is to provide as many benefits as possible to our members, supporting them in reducing energy costs and carbon emissions and we’re excited to see the results of this new partnership.”

If you would like to learn more about the partnership between True and Oakland International, you can watch a dedicated video, here.

If you would like to access your exclusive access to True as a member of the Cold Chain Federation, get in touch with their team, here.

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