Mobius Launches its 4th Generation Integrated Supply Chain Management Platform

Cold Chain Federation member Mobius Technology is delighted to announce the launch of the 4th generation of its integrated supply chain management platform after years of sterling work from the development team.

Mobius is a digital platform that provides visibility of movements and documents to all parties in the supply chain to enable a smooth transit of goods. It combines a broad range of technologies to deliver temperature monitoring solutions, GPS location tracking and real-time, two-way information transfer. Mobius offers the full solution to supply-chain users.

The system includes a centralised web-based platform to provide an overview of all the vehicles and shipments, pre-departure, in-transit and post-arrival. It stores all the documentation, vehicle details, customer information and more, for complete and easy collaboration for the company, internally and externally.

The core platform works with a smartphone app to connect drivers directly and allows for seamless communication of key transit information, paperless documentation and automatic digital customs barcodes.

To complete the supply chain picture, our in-house monitoring solutions provide temperature and light recording and alerting for real-time goods quality assurance.

How Mobius platform can streamline the supply chain and reduce risk

  • Consignment planning and scheduling: Integrate the existing scheduling processes directly with the system, including timeslot management.
  • Real-time transport status updates and alerts: A revolutionary view of all the consignments in one place, with updates as they happen.
  • Instant communications and paperless documentation: Seamless connections with drivers, supported with tracking, alerts and digital information.
  • Storage, post-processing and archiving: Store information securely on the platform. Retrieve and download information at the click of a button.
  • Invoicing and accounts processes: Download information directly to Excel, or integrate the accounts processes with QuickBooks directly from the platform.
  • Performance review for future projects: Reports and data analytics of each journey are generated to facilitate the performance review by management.

The Mobius platform has been developed by Mobius Technology in conjunction with a major UK retailer’s supply chain to address the challenges faced by organisations who manage time and/or temperature sensitive consignments. For more information on Mobius Technologies services and expertise, visit Follow Mobius Technology on LinkedIn @Mobius Technology.

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