Thermo King

Transportation solution businesses Thermo King and Frigoblock of Trane Technologies offer real transport refrigeration solutions ready for today and tomorrow, including hybrid and zero-emission all-electric units.

TIMOCOM is the provider of Europe’s first Smart Logistics System with more than 43,000 verified companies. Up to 750,000 national and international loads and vehicle offers are entered daily.


Toyota offers a complete range of solutions to cover any application requirements; a comprehensive range of quality new and used forklifts, warehouse equipment and automation solutions, plus national service support, short and long-term rental solutions, truck management, genuine parts, as well as tailored product and safety training.

An industry first TRAILAR dedicates itself to creating innovative transport solutions that reduce the environmental impact of vehicles across the globe. It reduces fuel, emissions and maintenance costs of commercial vehicles by utilising cutting edge solar technology. Thin, flexible solar matting is fitted to the vehicle roof. Natural energy generated is then used to power the vehicles ancillary equipment.


TSL delivers turnkey capital projects for clients in Food, Pharma, Logistics, High-Tech Manufacturing and Megasheds. We approach every project from the clients viewpoint and deliver on time, on budget and to exceptional standards. We pride ourselves in being transparent and open with our clients. This builds a level of trust that sets us apart from the crowd, and is reinforced by repeat business levels of over 90%.



UniCarriers is totally committed to developing the most efficient and cost-effective materials handling and storage solutions for their customers. All equipment is designed and built to the highest specification in order to reduce Life Cycle Costs. As a result, UniCarriers has developed a reputation for supplying durable, reliable equipment for the most arduous of operations, providing cost-effectiveness through high efficiency and reduced downtime.UniCarriers have a history of winning awards for their trucks and service, such as the IFOY (International Forklift Truck of the Year), Red Dot Award (product design), and TCS&D Materials Handling Supplier of the Year, and Customer Service Award.


Union Industries

Union Industries specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality Rapid Roll Industrial Doors.The “Eiger Door” has been developed for cold stores / freezers and has become the most widely used Fast Acting Freezer Door for cold store operators throughout the UK.

Wagner UK Ltd has succeeded in establishing the technology of active fire prevention within the UK, focusing on data centres, logistics and the archive sector. As is the case within the wider WAGNER Group, WAGNER UK possess a high level of engineering knowledge and experience.