Hultsteins present diesel price hike solutions for cool operators at Road Transport Expo 2022

Cold Chain Federation member Hultsteins, the Swedish and UK refrigeration systems manufacturer, are exhibiting their EcoFridge, hydraulic ‘diesel-free’ refrigeration unit and new Ecogen electric system at Road Transport Expo 2022.

The company presents a range of sustainable equipment solutions for the challenges facing cold operators: general operating costs, emission control and the recent red diesel tax rebate withdrawal. A new Hultsteins finance package is also being introduced which will enable operators to more easily manage costs going forward.

The concept is as simple as it is efficient says Hultsteins:  Hydraulic drive TRUs use an engine PTO-driven hydraulic pump to harness the energy from the truck engine and use it to drive the compressor of the fridge directly. A most efficient method of using the energy because, unlike other systems, there is no need to convert it to electricity in order to drive the compressor.

This delivers the power to ensure 100% cooling capacity – even at idle speed – and applies to single or multi-temperature operation to suit rigid or drawbar applications.

Ecogen is an electric-hydraulic drive system which works in tandem with the existing diesel fridge and uses an engine PTO to generate a constant 400V at idle speed. The onboard electric generator effectively transforms the existing diesel TRU into an electric fridge.

This, say Hultsteins, allows operators to run their fridge unit on electric when on the road while saving fuel, cutting emissions and reducing noise. Ecogen runs any marque of diesel fridge and fits to any rigid or tractor unit – providing a PTO is present on the truck engine.

Hultsteins hydraulic drive fridge units are claimed to offer the lowest carbon and emissions footprint available for transport refrigeration. Couple this with what the company describes as ultra-low operating and maintenance costs, excellent reliability and a long working life and it is easy to understand why cold chain operators have relied on Hultsteins for nearly 60 years. 

”We look forward to welcoming a wide cross section of visitors from the temperature-controlled and retail sectors, who will have the opportunity to see how easily they can switch to a sustainable solution that cuts running costs, carbon and emissions.” Says Graham Usher, Managing Director, UK and Ireland. 

The savings offered will not only mitigate the massive diesel price increase which came into force on April 1st, but will allow operators to reduce fuel consumption on their fridge operations by 70 to 90%, compared to their current spend. Plus, as Hultsteins point out, Hultsteins’ systems virtually eradicate all the harmful emissions associated with a conventional diesel TRU.

Graham continues,  ”On our outside stand (OUT36) we will be exhibiting our 18 tonne multi-temperature demonstration rigid with EcoFridge and our newly upgraded Ecogen hydro-electric generation system, which transforms any trailer fridge coupled to a tractor with a PTO, into an electric fridge.”

The Hultsteins demonstration unit will also feature an onboard solar-powered electrical generation system from Trailar.

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