Hultsteins Launch Sustainable Leasing Solutions to Combat Diesel Price Hike

Swedish/UK hydraulic refrigeration equipment manufacturer & Cold Chain Federation member, Hultsteins, has introduced a new leasing option for temperature-controlled operators facing greater costs since the red diesel tax rebate was withdrawn on April 1st.

“The new finance option enables operators of existing diesel TRUs to fit an Ecogen to their tractor unit from as little £9.00 per day,” says Graham Usher, MD for Hultsteins UK and Ireland. “We can offer leasing packages for 3, 4 or 5 years to suit operators’ requirements. The fuel savings annually could be in the region of £9,000 to £12,500 per tractor unit, whilst slashing carbon & other emissions by more than 90%.

“It’s an increasingly popular solution,” he continues, “Ecogen literally bypasses the existing fridge engine and during transit, it virtually dispenses with fridge diesel altogether. Moreover, if you have a Scania, Volvo or Renault, Ecogen can be easily retrofitted.”

Usher explains that Ecogen does not replace the existing diesel refrigeration system, but instead works in tandem with the fridge trailer unit. Ecogen is fitted to the tractor unit and is powered by the engine PTO. This runs the 30 Kva alternator that generates 400v @ 50htz of 3-phase electric.

By simply plugging  the lead from the Ecogen into the fridge, using the standard  5 pin socket, says Hultsteins, operators can benefit from running the diesel fridge on its electric motor when coupled to the tractor.

Hultsteins add that a small amount of diesel will be required from the tractor unit to power the Ecogen but even so, the company claims diesel consumption to the fridge unit will be reduced by up to 90%.

Usher says that for a typical diesel-powered fridge unit operating for 56 hours per week and using 3 litres per hour, an annual fuel bill will be over £12,000. However, he adds that by fitting an Ecogen power-generating system the fuel cost per fridge unit will be significantly reduced, making  payback for the equipment possible in under two years.

Graham Usher goes on to explain that, based on Hultsteins’ fuel and usage assumptions, a carbon saving of over 20 tonnes per year, per tractor unit can be expected from each Ecogen system.

For more on Ecogen or EcoFridge, call Graham Usher on 07930 377934.

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