Here’s why ISO 27001 is the top tool to protect businesses from cyber threats!

Cybercrime never rests, it’s a constant threat to businesses of all sizes. In fact, over a third of businesses in the UK have fallen victim to a cyber-attack in the last 12 months*. So how can you protect your business and stay one step ahead?

Introducing ISO 27001 – the world’s most recognised information security Standard. It’s designed to help businesses like yours combat cyber threats, minimise risks and secure valuable information.

ISO 27001 is the top tool to protect your business, here’s why!

ISO 27001 is a best-practice approach (agreed on by experts around the world) that will help you manage your information security by looking at your people, processes and technology.

Plus, ISO 27001 has just been updated to address current cyber threats and new business practices such as remote working, cloud computing and emerging technologies. So, you can get peace of mind your security is right up to date. Get started today with a free quote from Cold Chain Federation member Citation.


*UK Official Statistics Cyber Security Breaches Report 2023

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