Expansion food for thought from WMS

Case study from Snapfulfil about their recent work with Moran Logistics.

Moran Logistics is a specialist temperature controlled 3PL provider with six operational centres and three DCs across the UK. They run a robust 24/7 operation, ensuring the highly efficient and timely delivery of chilled, ambient or frozen food products from production line to retailer distribution centre (RDC) or direct to retail stores.

Their flagship, head office depot in the Midlands has a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled warehouse that serves as a cross-dock, re-pack and case picking facility – and is central to their multi-drop and trunking network.

One of Moran’s key customers is a short shelf life product manufacturer supplying the majority share of branded and own label fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) to the major supermarket chains.

The product is one of the most complex and fast paced of all the FMCG supply chains, with an ultra-tight 12-day window between farm to end of shelf life – and the new WMS that Moran had very recently purchased and started to implement, needed to be much more flexible and configurable and able to factor in the likes of retailer-specific EDI, as well as picking in rotation, re-pack solutions and reverse logistics.

A technologically advanced, cloud based company, SnapFulfil, was identified as the preferred solution because of the company’s 3PL expertise, plus the renowned agility and configurability the software provides. Moran were able to see the tangible value in the scope of its functionality and operational proficiency.

The large replica database facilitated much greater efficiency in terms of picking performance and reporting, while historic productivity data has proved vital in managing ongoing pandemic labour and resource shortages. Traceability is also greatly improved for what is a health & safety and supply chain security-driven sector – with no tainted product able to slip through the distribution net.

The rapid implementation process was aided by specific modifications around labels and printers, workflows and processes. In addition, a bespoke JavaScript could convert data with minimal import work for the client. Immediately stock from previous warehouses utilized by the customer moved seamlessly into Moran Logistics, via RF guns, to begin tracking the likes of expiry dates, shelf life, putaways and targeted ordering.


With multiple picking and packing options now available, production output has quickly and efficiently ramped up fourfold, from an initial 10,000 cases per day to nearer 40,000 within a 13- week period. Impressively within the next 13-weeks this will further increase to between 75-88,000 cases in a 24 hour period.

SnapFulfil’s capacity to scale with Moran Logistics and be extremely flexible to meet all of the ongoing and future demands of the business, lends itself to a quick succession of multiple site facility rollouts. The 60,000 sq.ft Leeds DC is primed to go live, with Heywood in Manchester (70,000 sq.ft) to follow – and up to three new locations in the next few years, all powered by SnapFulfilWMS.

Moran Logistics will also be taking advantage of the multiple billing functionality for 3PLs and bespoke enhanced portal visibility, plus further integration of WMS and TMS software, so that haulier activity and loading is also automated via SnapFulfil.

Moran’s Managing Director, Mark Burrell, says,

“The SnapFulfil team did a fantastic and proactive job, especially because of the rush we put on this and the short notice on go live, and we relied heavily on their knowledge and experience to make it all come together. “SnapFulfil WMS is highly configurable and able to handle and automate the many parameters and anomalies of our fast-moving environment, such as varied SKU and product dating, no split pallets and dynamic pick slots to replace outof- date items with fresh product which removes risk. “The system is constantly evolving, so we’re learning more about SnapFulfil’s functionality every day, and that in turn makes us more efficient and able to bring extra benefits to the best quality and market leading service we offer.”

Download the full case study here

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