The first step in applying to join the Cold Chain Federation’s Climate Change Agreement is to complete a registration of interest form. Either download a copy and email it to us or complete the form below.

Please complete this registration of interest as early in January 2022 as possible. We can then send you the full application pack to complete and return to us no later than Friday 25th February 2022 so that we have time to review your application before submitting to the Environment Agency by their deadline of 31st March 2022.

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    A Greenfield site is a site that began operating in the 12 months before it applied to join the CCA scheme. It may be a brand new facility with new equipment carrying out activities and processes that hadn't been carried out there previously. Or it may be a facility that had closed down, had all its plant replaced and been recommissioned. In both cases, 12 months of base year performance data, representative of the newly commissioned site, cannot be provided.


    An administrative contact will be the day to day contact. The Administrative Contact and the Responsible Person (see below) can be the same person


    The Underlying Agreement must be agreed to by the ‘Responsible Person’. The Responsible Person must have sufficient management authority to be able to enter into an agreement on behalf of the company and be contactable at a UK address.

    EXTERNAL CONSULTANT (If applicable)