73% Solar Powered Delivery

Cold Chain Federation member Moores Refrigeration Controlled Transport (MRCT), a leading UK-based chilled and frozen food distribution company, has recently completed a successful trial of another Cold Chain Federation member Sunswap’s zero-emission transport refrigeration unit (TRU).

The trial demonstrated that the performance of Sunswap Endurance in temperature-controlled transportation easily matched that of traditional diesel-powered units, making it an easy-to-adopt viable solution for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact. Notably, solar power contributed a significant portion of the energy used during the trial, highlighting the system’s sustainability.

Founded in 1969, MRCT has a long-standing commitment to understanding and meeting its customers’ needs and MRCT is looking to take significant steps towards a more sustainable future, aligning with its strategy for environmentally sound solutions.

Sunswap Endurance harnesses cutting-edge battery technology and on-board solar power generation to provide efficient, zero direct emission refrigeration. The trial conducted by MRCT showcased the unit’s ability to maintain optimal temperatures and performance levels.

During the trial, an impressive 73% of the energy used by the Sunswap Endurance unit came from on-board solar generation.

The potential impact of integrating just a single Sunswap unit into MRCT’s fleet is impressive, with projected annual savings of 113 tonnes of Scope 1 CO2 emissions, 1.1 tonnes of NOx, and 34kg of particulate matter.

David Brown, Managing Director of MRCT said, “We were impressed by the performance of Sunswap’s Endurance unit during our trial. Not only did it maintain optimal temperatures throughout our chilled delivery routes, but it also significantly reduced our environmental impact. Our drivers and traffic teams also found the system user-friendly and easy to use. The Sunswap Endurance system fits seamlessly into our fleet, proving that transitioning to sustainable solutions doesn’t have to come at the cost of performance or user acceptability.”

This comment underscores the capability and user-friendly nature of Sunswap’s technology, making it an attractive option for fleet operators looking to transition to more sustainable practices without compromising on ease of use or performance.

Alastair Gough, Head of Business Development at Sunswap commented, “We are thrilled to see our zero-emission transport refrigeration unit performing seamlessly in real-world conditions with MRCT. The positive feedback from their team shows how again-and-again Endurance is a viable zero-emission solution that is not only better for the environment but also easily integrated into existing fleet operations.”

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