5 Minutes with Cold Chain Federation Member ISD Solutions

Last year we were very pleased that ISD Solutions, part of The P&M Group, joined the Federation and have been a Headline Partner at last months Climate Summit and a winner of our first Sustainability Awards. They have also become a gold partner at this year’s Cold Chain Live event. Here we find out more about ISD Solutions and their sales director Andy Hudspith.

QWho is the main person for members to contact?

Andy Hudspith, Sales Director

Q. What do they do and contact details?

Andy has worked for ISD Solutions for more than 30 years, starting off in cold store operations before progressing to director of our retail and commercial division. He has been Sales Director since 2018. Andy is an excellent example of the depth of cold store expertise with ISD Solutions. He combines a key focus of customer satisfaction with skills across planning, operations, negotiation and sales management.

Andy can be contacted on tel: 07887 955 886 or at email: ahudspith@isd-solutions.co.uk.

Q. Why is it important to be a part of the Cold Chain Federation?

We’ve always been a niche subcontractor, excellent at what we do and playing our part in moving the industry forward. We are long standing supporters of CEBA (Controlled Environment Building Association), formerly IACSC (International Association for Cold Storage Construction), and as we continue to advance UK ‘single envelope’ technology we remain at the forefront of coldstore construction. More recently we’ve enjoyed a growing status as an industry influencer and we see our membership of the Federation as an opportunity to amplify our role, especially as we have a huge alignment between our organisations in core values and sustainability goals. We want to share knowledge, to act as a resource for end users to talk to and learn from. Ultimately, our aim is to communicate the vital importance of the specification of the right products and quality of installation, for the best financial and environmental performance. We want to emphasise the importance of maintenance, as a long-term means of maximising investment and minimising environmental impact, while improving safety on your sites for the long term.

Q. What are ISD Solution’s aspirations for the industry?

We feel like we’re at a turning point in the industry, with demand growing for the facilities we construct as the UK sets up new infrastructure for a post-Brexit, digital age. Mitigation of fire risk,  an emphasis on performance and the need for increased sustainability means air tightness and thermal efficiency have never been more important. So we want to encourage a focus on quality, efficiency and optimum safety standards. That’s why there’s such a great opportunity for collaboration between companies which advocate the highest standards of competency and professionalism. We are looking forward to working closely with our fellow Federation members to continue to drive improvements across the cold chain, to help create and maintain high-performing facilities which optimise safety and reduce carbon emissions.

Find out more about ISD Solutions on their website HERE.

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