5 Minutes with Cold Chain Federation Member Climarite Ltd

Climarite is a leading specialist in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning based in the North West, we welcomed Climarite into the Federation earlier this year and here we find out a little more about them.

QWho is the main person for members to contact?

Patrick Connolly is the Founder and Managing Director of Climarite Ltd. Covering all aspects of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, Patrick has purposefully kept the company’s remit wide to utilise his rich experience across multiple markets including Ireland and Australia before settling and starting his business here in the UK – he also believes it keeps things interesting! Patrick remains as approachable as when he first started his apprenticeship.

Q. What do they do and contact details?

Climarite Ltd provides first-class services in refrigeration and air conditioning; including installation, service and maintenance contracts. Although Climarite’s customer base is diverse, it has deep roots in cold stores and distribution centres, retail (including supermarkets), as well as manufacturing and food production.

Patrick can be contacted at the office on: 01704 630 515 or Patrick@climarite.com.

Q. Why is it important to be a part of the Cold Chain Federation?

Climarite is a relatively new member of the Cold Chain Federation but has already benefitted by gaining a much broader insight into the industry, the scale of which is remarkable and presents an abundance of opportunities. The North West is a real hot spot for business growth, manufacturing and construction in particular, so we are keen to take advantage of the prominent location of our business.

In addition to this we are very much looking forward to the upcoming networking and training events.  

Q. What are Climarite’s aspirations for the industry?

It is imperative that we focus on attracting young talent to the industry and provide quality training to meet the growing need for skilled RACHP engineers. It’s a fantastic career path with plenty of opportunity and is well-paid but we desperately need to raise the profile of the industry in order to get the message out there.

Continual research and technological advances are also critical and requires ongoing investment. Energy efficiency is a prime example, where not only do we have an environmental responsibility but high running costs impact economically across all sectors.

Climarite is based in Ormskirk, Lancashire but operates nationwide and for more information visit www.climarite.com.   

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