5 Minutes with Cold Chain Federation Member Blue Cube

Blue Cube joined the Federation back in August 2020 and have been a very active member with us ever since, taking part in our Summer Party and Conference last year. This year we are looking forward to seeing them as a headline partner at our Climate Summit on 15th March, one of our sponsors at the summer party in July and as a gold partner in September at our Cold Chain Live! Conference.

So let’s find out more about their UK Sales Manager Lisa Rowbothan and Blue Cube PCS.

QWho is the main person for members to contact?

Lisa Rowbotham. UK Sales Manager

Q. What do they do and contact details?

Lisa is the UK sales Manager for Blue Cube PCS and is supported by a vibrant sales and Marketing team. Our unique approach is to listen and get an insight into every business to understand what, within our portfolio is best suited to meet the business requirements. Anyone can supply a box, our offering is a collaborative approach to better understand each requirement and tailor our offering that helps support these organisations with their aspirations.

Lisa’s contact details – Tel: 07739 220252 Email: lisa.rowbotham@bluecubepcs.co.uk

Q. Why is it important to be a part of the Cold Chain Federation?

Blue Cube PCS are not naive to the importance of knowledge. For us to remain productive in an ever-changing industry, our working partnership with the CCF means a better insight into industry standards. We recognise the challenges organisations are being met with regarding energy as well as the social pressure to reduce carbon emissions. For this reason, the knowledge and direction of the CCF helps us consider our products for the future and align our offering with members of the Cold Chain Federation with the target of achieving Net Zero.

Q. What are Blue Cube’s aspirations for the industry?

As members of the CCF we are striving in becoming the “go to” Company when it comes to temperature-controlled solutions. Aligning our offering to the current sustainable targets to challenge organisations to reduce carbon emissions whilst supporting their quest in energy savings. We are constantly reviewing our portfolio to see how it can be improved. Our current approach is to focus on substantial initiatives to offer more energy efficient products and support the reduction in GWP. Our commitment is to work on a 3 phase plan to the road to net Zero.

Find out more about Blue Cube PCS HERE.

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