Logistics hubs for consolidated POAO & plant exports – high level guidance published

Defra has published a high-level overview of a proposal for ‘Agri-food logistics hubs’ for products of animal origin or plant products destined for the EU or Northern Ireland. A logistics hub could be used to consolidate multiple batches of product of animal or plant origin from different suppliers into a single consignment, which can then be covered by a single Export Health Certificate or phytosanitary certificate.

This is potentially a valuable service a suitable cold chain business could offer customers, however it does involve significant resource to establish.

The attached briefing sets out key information covering the potential role, function and establishment of logistics hubs. It explains what a logistics hub is and the services it can provide, who is involved in hubs, and how hubs can help the certification process. It also outlines operational considerations in the setting up of a hub covering location, infrastructure and resources. Those interested in finding out more should get touch with the Government traders@defra.gov.uk in the first instance, or contact Tom Southall if you have any questions.

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