Human trafficking reduced with driver training says Talent in Logistics

According to Talent in Logistics, businesses with international road transport operations must challenge the issues of human trafficking and clandestine entrants to the UK with their LGV driver training programmes.

“Training is one of the most effective ways that we can affect a lorry driver’s behaviour and educate them about this important issue,” says Ruth Edwards for Talent in Logistics, an organisation which supports employers and employees in the transport, logistics and warehousing sectors with events, publications and free resources.

“The transport of clandestine entrants incurs hefty fines for drivers and their employers but can also have a human cost and put people’s lives at risk,” Ruth continues.  “This is a steep price to pay when training can teach drivers how to effectively secure their vehicles and loads and prevent this issue.”

Previously, statistics were released* which stated that ten fines per day were issued to hauliers found to be transporting clandestine entrants, and that the number of clandestine entrants was increasing year on year. The fine for not securing a vehicle and carrying clandestine entrant can be up to £2000 per migrant. Of course, drivers that are aware of what they are doing may face more stringent prosecution.

To support transport and logistics companies in addressing this issue, a seminar covering this crucial and current topic will form part of the Talent in Logistics Develop Conference on Wednesday 22nd January 2020.  

The event, which takes place at Hotel Football in Manchester, has been newly launched to provide a dedicated forum for trainers, instructors, professional training providers and in-house training teams to address and solve learning challenges.  The full agenda and speaker line-up will be announced shortly.

Tickets for the Develop Conference are £75+VAT. To register for the conference visit, contact or call 01952 520216.

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