5 Minutes With Cold Chain Federation Member The Supply Chain Consulting Group

The Supply Chain Consulting Group joined the Cold Chain Federation in February 2019.

Q. Who is the main person for members to contact?

A. Gideon Hillman FCILT FCMI FIC

Q. What do they do and contact details?

A. Gideon Hillman is one of four Directors of The Supply Chain Consulting Group. His email address is: gideon.hillman@sccgltd.com and Telephone number is: 01926 430 883

Q. Why is it important to be a part of the Cold Chain Federation?

A. The Supply Chain Consulting Group undertakes a range of UK and European temperature-controlled Logistics Infrastructure and Network Reviews, Strategic and Tactical Development and Optimisation projects including warehouse and Distribution design and implementation. As such we are an established part of the continual Cold Chain improvement and optimisation process for many UK and European Grocery Retailers and FMCG suppliers worldwide supplying the UK and European markets.

The Cold Chain Federation provides a platform for The Supply Chain Consulting Group to keep up with sector developments, to network and share expertise and experience between ourselves and other members; to aid continual development and improvement within the Temperature-Controlled Logistics Industry.

Our partnership with The Cold Chain Federation allows The Supply Chain Consulting Group to propose the best possible solutions to our clients, whilst matching the variable needs of the market.

Q. What are SCCG’s aspirations for the industry?

A. Largely synonymous with the environment and accountability; sustainability within supply chains, and globally, is a very prominent area of focus, for knowledge and improvement. The Cold Chain Federation recognises these issues, and realises workable initiatives, to ultimately fulfil the global sustainability agenda. Whether it be consolidating Supply Chains to reduce pallet miles and run an efficient food supply chain, or reducing waste by shortening supply chains, and relying on local suppliers; whilst not affecting the growth of developing nations.

Food waste, as a specific example within the supply chain, can be attributed to many factors, whether it be poor crops, inadequate harvesting technology, or even produce spoiling due to failures in the cold chain equipment and infrastructure. The temperature-controlled industry relies heavily on intuitive technology, to ensure to deliver agile responsiveness, efficiency and accuracy and meeting regulatory requirements whilst remaining robust. The Supply Chain Consulting Group understand that this is paramount to the success within cold-chain supply chains.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group can be found here

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